Modern Backyard Fence

Modern Garden Fence

Modern Designed Garden Fences

Typically, when we think of fences, an image of a white picket fence rises in our imagination. However, with times changing, our garden fences have also undergone quite a modernized makeover. Here, we run through a few ideas for garden fences that appeal to a more modern clientele.

Horizontal Wooden-Slatted Garden Fence

By replacing your tired vertical panels with horizontal ones, you can manage to completely revamp your garden’s scenery to give it a more modern look. 

Minimalist Metal Garden Fences

If you wish to have durability in your fencing, installing a metal one is a great idea. With its sleek exterior that is tough but does not require a lot of upkeep, the metal fence is a frontrunner in contemporary fencing. 

Modern Garden Fences With Frosted Glass

Frosted glass fence will give you a great deal of privacy while complimenting the foliage in your garden with its neutral color palette. Making it a great addition to our list of modern garden fences.

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