New Style Bathroom Decoration

New Style Bathroom Model

Bathroom Decoration You May Want To Copy For Your Own Home

Remove the border between your bathroom and garden, you can do this by blurring. Example: imagine a bathtub set on a floor made of pebbles;add green plants in potted to this theme.Blur the bathroom glass. You can see your garden through the blurred bathroom glass, but no one can see you,having a bath is a pleasure in such an ambience.

No problem if you don’t have a window to open from your bathroom to the garden, you can add a tree or sea muralright behind your bathtub.

You can set your mood with right lighting. Keep away harsh, disturbing and awful overhead lighting. When the relaxation time comes, soft glowing, nice lamps need to be on their duty.

Dollie Perry
I am 28 years old. I was born in Australia. I studied nursing at Johns Hopkins University. I am in love with decoration, I share with you the most beautiful decoration designs I have seen here.